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To contribute to the development and progress of these methods by using contemporary and innovative methods to teach Turkish at home and abroad; Teaching Turkic foreigners is to carry out education and training activities in accordance with the European Language Common Framework Program in the light of scientific and contemporary developments.

Contemporary method-techniques and technological tools in language teaching; social and cultural activities in the promotion of Turkey and Turkish culture, especially in Bursa, Turkey and in the world as a distinguished, respectable and exemplary institution.


To teach Turkish, to introduce Turkey and Turkish culture, to work in cooperation with various institutions and organizations in Turkey and abroad, to carry out joint education-teaching, research, application and publication activities with related public institutions and organizations; To research and apply Turkish teaching methods; to support the work being done; to lead the work done in this area.

Uludağ University Turkish Teaching Practice and Research Center 16059 Nilüfer / Görükle Director of the Center: 0 (224) 294 29 76 Fax: 0 (224) 294 28 06 Mail: ulutomer@uludag.edu.tr