Great Succes from Team UMAKİT
 Great Succes from Team UMAKİT


Bursa Uludağ University Mechanical Engineering Community (Team UMAKİT) students, who were won the European Champion award in the competition held in London, continued the same success in İstanbul. They won the first place in Shell Eco Marathon Turkey 2018 competition as Team UMAKİT. 

Young engineers candidates developed technological products with their R&D studies such as; BLDC motor, carbon fiber rim, motor drive circuit, battery management system, energy management system, vehicle control system, remote communication system, innovative battery cooling system, electric vehicle charging unit, autonomous active security system, passive security system, fuel cell thermal management and developed the entire carbon fiber body in its workshops in Görükle campus.  Besides became winner, they also won the "Technical Innovation Award" due to their products which designed, developed and produced by team UMAKİT team members for their vehicle named Barbaros in urban concept hydrogen energy category. Team UMAKİT engineers who have received 3 important prizes from 3 international competitions in which they participate in 2 different domestic vehicles.


Team captain Furkan Avcı said; “ As a result of our work in one year, we produced 2 different vehicles with our domestic products which rate of domestic 90 percent. We have won 6 different prizes, one of them being the European Champion, and we have proved the quality of the our products which we developed our R&D studies. These achievements will be a great source of motivation for us in the coming years. We will continue to wave the flag of our country with our domestic products in pretigious competitions. With the vision of 3rd Generation University, we will keep develop new technological products for future vehicles. Also, we will developed autonomous vehicle this year and that vehicle will be first which race in international competition.”


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