2020 August

CONTENTS (August 2020 - VOL. 14, NO.41)

Granger Causality Relationship Between Agricultural Gross National Product and Agricultural Exports: The Turkey Case (Original Research Article)

Burcu Erdal* and Hasan Vural

The Effect of Local Production Differences on Physico - Chemical and Techno - Functional Properties of Artvin Kavut Flour (Original Research Article)

Emel Özdemir, Cansu S. Uygur, H. Damla Güler and Vildan Uylaser*

Cost Analyses of Cotton Production in Tajikistan (Original Research Article)

Sule Turhan* and Mukim Siamardov

Factors Affecting Credit Use for Fruit Farms: The Case of Bursa (Original Research Article)

Burcu Erdal* and Tolga Tipi

Hazard and Operability Study of Condensate Oil Refinery (Original Research Article)

Hira Arif, Muhammad Hamza, Zamun Asif Raja, Suraiya Jabeen* and Shagufta Ishteyaque

Anasayfaya Dön

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