2020 April

CONTENTS (April 2020 - VOL. 14, NO.40)

Effects of Osmotic Conditioning Treatments at Different Temperatures on Mean Germination Time and Rate of Heliotropium greuteri (Original Research Article)

Mustafa Demirkaya, Akife Dalda Sekerci*, Eyüp Teke and Osman Gülsen

Traditional Orchards and Drivers of Reproductive Performance in a Northern Algerian Population of Laughing Doves (Spilopelia senegalensis) (Original Research Article)

Khayreddine Boucherit, Ali Elafri*, Hafid Brahmia, Ismahen Halassi, Mohamed Cherif Maazi and Moussa Houhamdi

Consumer Behaviour and Purchase Intention for Organic Food (Original Research Article)

Burcu Erdal and Sule Turhan*

Considering White Gold , Cotton , for its Fiber , Seed Oil , Traditional and Modern Health Benefits (Review Article)

Mohamad Hesam Shahrajabian, Wenli Sun and Qi Cheng*

Pyrethrum an Organic and Natural Pesticide (Review Article)

Wenli Sun, Mohamad Hesam Shahrajabian and Qi Cheng*

Evaluation of Nutritional Effects of Different Levels of Enzymatic Fructose and Sugar Syrup on the Half Life and Bacterial Flora of the Bee Digestive System (Original Research Article)

Majid Sadreriahi Dehkordi, Hamid Reza Karimi Saeed Abadi*, Amir Davar Foroozandeh Shahraki, Mohammad Behjatian Esfahani, Masoud Boroumand Jazi, Abdulahad Shaddel Teli and Habib Aghdam Shahryar

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