2018 August

CONTENTS (August 2018- VOL. 12, NO.35)

Effects of Glucosinolates and their Hydrolysis Products on Energy Balances and Performance Parameters and Histological Parameters in Broiler Chicken Diets (Original Research Article)

Deniz Belenli, Umit Polat, Hatice Erdost, Tuncay Ilhan, Abdülkadir Orman, Derya Yesilbag and Mark A. Berhow

Disinfection of Domestic Wastewater by Solar TiO2 Photocatalysis Using CPC Solar Reactor: A Case Study in Bursa (Original Research Article)

Burcu Şengül and Ufuk Alkan

Effects of Zinc-L-selenomethionine on Growth Performance, Carcass Yield and Selenium Concentration of Breast Meat in Japanese Quails (Original Research Article)

Arda Sözcü and Aydın İpek

A Research on Solar Based Renewable Energy Production (Original Research Article)

Tuğba Biçen, Marek Szczutkowski and Ali Vardar

Strain Improvement by UV Mutagenesis for Protease Overproduction from Bacillus subtilis E6-5 and Nutritional Optimization (Original Research Article)

Elif Demirkan, Tuba Sevgi, Meltem Gokoz, Baran Enes Guler, Behice Zeren, Busra Ozalpar and Maoulida Abdou

Changes in Yolk Absorption, Embryo Development Patterns and Chick Quality in Small and Large Eggs Obtained from Broiler Breeder Flocks at Different Ages (Original Research Article)

Arda Sözcü and Ümran Şahan

Potential Risk Factors Associated with Broiler Welfare of Commercial Flocks in Turkey: Welfare of the Chickens just Prior to Pre-slaughter Catching on Farms (Original Research Article)

Metin Petek, Enver Cavusoglu, Abdülkadir Orman and Justin Lee McKinstry

Anasayfaya Dön

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