2017 December

CONTENTS (December 2017 - VOL. 11, NO.33)

Welfare and Biosecurity in Sheep Farms: Case Study: Bursa Province (Original Research Article)

Şeniz Öziş Altınçekiç and Mehmet Koyuncu

Comparison of Photosynthetic Pigment Contents in Lichen Samples were Collected from Different Localities in Bursa (Original Research Article)

Vesile Ebru Karakaş, Şule Öztürk and Seyhan Oran

Crystallization Studies of a Low Molecular Weight Xylanase from Scytalidium thermophilum (Original Research Article)

Didem Sutay Kocabaş and Eren Yurtdaş

Floppy Kid Disease: Diagnostic and Therapeutic Approach in Kids Suffering from FKD in Northern Cyprus (Original Research Article)

Ethem Mutlu Temizel, Serkan Sayıner, Fatih Kavukçu and Adil Ömer Karakuş

Relationships between Body Condition Score in Dry-Off, Calving or Different Lactation Days and Selected Reproductive Parameters in Dairy Cows (Original Research Article)

Nurcan Karslıoğlu Kara and Mehmet Koyuncu

Microbiological Monitoring of Olive Fermentation Process of Gemlik Type Dry-Salted Black Olives and Investigation of the Effect of Pasteurization on the Product’s Shelf Life (Original Research Article)

Sibel Alak and Vildan Uylaşer

The Importance of Saffron Plant in Afghanistan's Agriculture (Review Article)

Mohammad Masoud Moradi and Şule Turhan

Phenological and Pomological Characteristics of Local Pear (Pyrus communis L) Varieties Grown in Siirt (Original Research Article)

Abdüsselam Ertaş, Koray Özrenk and Şeyda Çavuşoğlu

Anasayfaya Dön

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