2017 August

CONTENTS (August 2017 - VOL. 11, NO.32)

Growth and Physiological Responses of ‘Chrysanthemum paludosum’ under Salinity Stress (Original Research Article)

Sara Yasemin, Nezihe Köksal, Aslıhan Özkaya and Mithat Yener

In vitro Antagonistic Activity against Fusarium Species of Local Trichoderma spp. Isolates (Original Research Article)

Çiğdem Küçük

Determination of Microwave and Convective Drying Characteristics of Coriander Leaves (Original Research Article)

Aslıhan Yılmaz and Ilknur Alibas

Effects of Egg Weight on Chick and Organ Development, Growth and Slaughter Traits in Pekin Ducks (Original Research Article)

Arda Sözcü and Aydın İpek

Determination of Effects of Some Plant Activators against Potato Virus Y in Pepper (Original Research Article)

Cansu Saydam, Umit Arslan and Ibrahim Ozer Elibuyuk2

Effects of Age at First Access to Range Area on Laying Performance and Some Egg Quality Traits of Free-range Laying Hens (Original Research Article)

Metin Petek and Derya Yeşilbağ

Anasayfaya Dön

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