2013 April

CONTENTS (April 2013 - VOL. 7, NO.19)

Removal of Acute Toxicity With Ozonation in Textile Plant Waste Water

Saadet İleri and Feza Karaer

Physiological and Metabolic Changes during the Transition Period and the Use of Calcium Propionate for Prevention or Treatment of Hypocalcemia and Ketosis in Periparturient CowsDetection of Rope-Producing Bacillus in Bread and Identification of Isolates to Species Level by VITEK 2 System

Çağdaş Kara

In vitro Micropropagation of Aloe vera – Impacts of Plant Growth Regulators, Media and Type of Explants

Gholamreza Abdi, Mohammad Hedayat and Mohammad Modarresi

The First Attempt to Rear Olive Leaf Moth [(Palpita unionalis (Hübner) (Lepidoptera:Pyralidae)] on Artificial Diet

Çiğdem Yılmaz and Hanife Genç

Is HACCP a Difficult Food Safety System to Implement?

Beyza Ulusoy Sözen and Canan Hecer

Bioremediation of Petroleum-Contaminated Soil

Efsun Dindar , Fatma Olcay Topaç Şağban and Hüseyin Savaş Başkaya

Phytotoxic effect of Quizalofop-P-Ethyl on Soybean (Glycine max L.)

Özlem Aksoy, Asuman Deveci, Sibel Kızılırmak and Gülseren Billur Akdeniz

Anasayfaya Dön

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