2011 August

CONTENTS (AUGUST 2011 - VOL. 5, NO.14)

Effect of Ethanol, Methanol and Essential Oils as Novel Agents to Improve Vase-Life of Alstroemeria Flowers

Azadeh Mousavi Bazaz and Ali Tehranifar

Effects of Rimsulfuron, Foramsulfuron and Conventional Herbicides on Weed Control and Maize Yield at Three Planting Dates

Sara Zaremohazabieh and Hossein Ghadiri

Dermatocarpon intestiniforme (A Lichen) Modulates Aflatoxin B1 Induced Genetic and Oxidative Damage In Vitro

Hasan Türkez, Ebubekir Dirican , Elanur Aydın, Başak Toğar and Kübra Çelik

The Effect of Gamma Radiation on Freezing Tolerance of Chickpea (Cicer aretinum L.) at In Vitro Culture

Fatemeh Keykha Akhar, Abdolreza Bagheri, Nasrin Moshtaghi and Ahmad Nezami

Effects of Municipal Wastewater on Physical and Chemical Properties of Saline Soil

Amin Mojiri

Effect of Drought Stress and Paclobutrazol- Treated Seeds on Physiological Response of Festuca arundinacea L. Master and Lolium perenne L. Barrage

Mahsa Shahrokhi, Ali Tehranifar, Haniye Hadizadeh, Yahya Selahvarzi

Intradermal Testing Results and Clinical Features in Dogs with Atopic Dermatitis in Turkey

Ethem Mutlu Temizel and Nilufer Aytug

Effect of Essential Oils, Ethanol and Methanol to Extend the Vase-life of Carnation (Dianthus caryophyllus L.) Flowers

Zahra Karimian Fariman and Ali Tehranifar

Production of Protease by Bacillus sp. N-40 Isolated from Soil and Its Enzymatic Properties

Nihan Sevinc and Elif Demirkan

The Effects of Shrub Pruning and Fruit Thinning on Seed Germination and Seedling of Tomato in the Next Generation (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill)

Atefeh Tabasi, Hossein Nemati, Ali Tehranifar and Mohammad Akbari

Anasayfaya Dön

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