2010 August

CONTENTS (AUGUST 2010 - VOL. 4, NO.11)

Chemical Report of Sediments, Phytoplanktons and Fishes of Bindal River Dehradun

Ashok Kumar, Balwant Singh Bisht and Vishnu Dutt Joshi

Economic Value of an Environmental Management Plan: Case of Uluabat Lake

Serkan Gürlük

Interaction of Paclobutrazol, Boron and Zinc on Vegetative Growth, Yield and Fruit Quality of Strawberry (Fragaria × Ananassa Duch. Cv. Selva)

Mahnaz Abdollahi, Saeid Eshghi, Enayat Tafazoli

Effects of Salicylic Acid on Quality and Quantity of Essential oil Components in Salvia macrosiphon

V. Rowshan, M. Khosh Khoi, K. Javidnia

Endogenous Soluble Sugars, Starch Contents and Phenolic Compounds in Easy - and Difficult – to – Root Olive Cuttings

Elham-Aslmoshtaghi, Ali Reza-Shahsavar

Comparison of Hydrolysis Abilities onto Soluble and Commercial Raw Starches of Immobilized and Free B. amyloliquefaciens α-amylase

Serhan Dincbas, Elif Demirkan

Anasayfaya Dön

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