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General Information

UU Faculty of Theology, established in 1975, is a leading higher education institution in its field. With its academic staff and research assistants, our faculty provides education and research programmes at both undergraduate and graduate levels in the fields of Islamic and Religious Studies to train faithful professionals (teachers of religion, preachers, muftis, academic researchers, etc.) to be employed by the Ministry of National Education, the Department of Religious Affairs, and the state and private universities within the Turkish higher education system.

Faculty of Theology has its own library in the Fethiye campus with its Web server providing information about the library's collection and services. The Faculty has also an Alumni Association called BİLDER. Our Theology students as well as students from other faculties can be registered members of various associations of art, science, and culture within the University; have the opportunity to join the School's Religious Music Choir, and to learn to play a musical instrument (especially 'nay') from the School's master of sûfî music, and also can take courses in the various fields of traditional Turkish-Islamic arts such as Ebru, Hat, and Tezhib.

UU Faculty of Theology currently has bilateral agreements for staff and student exchange with various universities (the Faculty of Theology of the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium, etc.) The Faculty also hosts students from such diverse countries as Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Macedonia, Ukraine, Kazakhistan, Albania, Greece, Bulgaria, and Nigeria.

The Faculty is distinguished among its counterparts especially in the fields of Tasawwof (Islamic Mysticisim), Kalâm (Islamic Theology), Fiqh (Islamic Law), and Taareeh al-Adyaan (History of Religions). The very geo-cultural position of Turkey as a bridge between the culturally hybrid regions of Europe, Middle East and Asia also places the Faculty of Theology in a position of engaging and contributing in research topics relevant to the question of relationship between religion, globalisation and conflict resolution. This is reflected in the curriculum as well as other academic activities in various disciplines. The faculty members actively participate in international conferences and congresses in various relevant fields. The Faculty has contacts established with the non-Muslim (Christian-Orthodox-Catholic-Syriac- and Jewish) communities in Turkey, through inviting their religious leaders for occasional conferences and seminars.

Fethiye Mahallesi Kırlangıç Sokak No: 2B 16140 Nilüfer Bursa 90 224 243 15 70