The proposal by Bursa Uludağ University (BUU) Rectorate to open new graduate programs made to the Presidency of the Council of Higher Education (YÖK) was accepted. After the decision, 7 different doctorate and master's programs will be started to be taught within the University as of the 2021-2022 Academic Term.

The proposal of BUÜ Rectorate to open new graduate programs to YÖK during the year was approved by the YÖK Presidency. With the decisions taken at the YÖK Executive Board Meeting held in June, an interdisciplinary Department of Turkish World Music was established within the BUÜ Social Sciences Institute, and an interdisciplinary Master's Program in Turkish World Music was opened, an Interdisciplinary Ethics and Values ​​in Early Childhood Education Department was established. It was deemed appropriate to open a Non-Thesis Master's Program in Education and to open an interdisciplinary Migration Studies Master's Program by establishing an interdisciplinary Migration Studies Department within the Social Sciences Institute.

At the meeting held, the establishment of an interdisciplinary Biotechnology Department within the BUU Institute of Science and the opening of an interdisciplinary Biotechnology Doctorate Program, the opening of an interdisciplinary Hybrid and Electric Vehicles Master's Program by establishing an interdisciplinary Hybrid and Electric Vehicles Department, and an interdisciplinary Additive Manufacturing Department by establishing an interdisciplinary Additive Manufacturing. The opening of the program and the opening of the Landscape Architecture Doctorate Program were also approved.


Making evaluations about the decisions taken and the new departments to be opened, BUÜ Rector Prof. Dr. Ahmet Saim Kılavuz emphasized that they are making an intense effort to complete the necessary academic and scientific infrastructure in line with the university's goals. Stating that they have diversified their education programs in colleges, faculties and institutes in order to increase academic diversity and prepare students better for the business world, Rector Prof. Dr. Ahmet Saim Kılavuz added that  “As Bursa Uludağ University administration, we wish to be able to do 'Better' in any field. Despite the changing world and developing technological breakthroughs, we cannot continue to provide the same trainings. Accordingly, we feel the need to update our academic infrastructure and education programs. We strive to open new departments and programs in line with demands from the business world. On the other hand, we want to prepare our students in the best possible way after graduation. With this goal, we wrote to our YÖK Presidency to open 7 new different programs. Our offers have been accepted. Without wasting time, we started preparations for the creation of the necessary infrastructure. In the 2021-2022 academic year, we will have these programs ready and we will start recruiting students. I wish the best for all of us."


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Publish Date : [01-Tem-2021]

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