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We meet at the festival area at 10.30 on Friday, June 4, and walk towards our walking area near the tennis courts. We celebrate World Environment Day and enjoy our green campus together. While walking, the Bursa Special Marching Band, consisting of our students and graduates, accompanies us. We also have horses with us; reminds of nature-human-animal unity.

Our walking track is located in a stand. “Stand” is an expression used for forest pieces that are at least one and at most 25 hectares. Stand refers to the subjective forest part that distinguishes itself from its environment in terms of age, tree species, growth or development characteristics.

The stand, where our track is located, consists of 5000 trees with an area of ​​15 hectares. Students planted these trees 30 years ago. Pine pine (Pinus pinea) and Red Pine (Pinus brutia Ten.) make up the majority of trees. It is also possible to see species such as Aleppo Pine (Pinus halepensis), Black Pine (Pinus nigra), Beach Pine (Pinus pinaster), Lebanon Cedar (Cedrus libani), Sycamore and Maple.

Our track

We have 2 walking tracks in the stand. The long track consists of 1.5 km and the short track consists of 800 meters. Do not forget to wear your sneakers so that you can be comfortable walking on the trail in the forest dirt road.

Why Did We Choose Today To Walk?

We wanted to remember and remind the 5th of June World Environment Day. World Environment Day, which was first celebrated on 5 June 1972, takes its name and day from the United Nations Environment Conference on Man and the Environment held in Stockholm. World Environment Day is celebrated in many countries on 5 June every year after the Stockholm Conference, which expressed the impact of human beings on the environment for the first time with such a loud voice and data. The week in which June 5 is included is known as Environment Week.

World Environment Day is hosted by a different country every year. Istanbul hosted the World Environment Day celebrated in 1996 with the theme "Our World, Our Habitat, Our Home". This conference is also known as the Habitat Conference. Pakistan will host 2021 with the theme of "Ecosystem Restoration". Ecosystem restoration is about reorganizing our relationship with nature.

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