Horizontal Transfer, Exemption and Adjustment Board


No Name-Surname Duty
1 Assoc. Prof. Gülçin TEZCAN Head
2 Assist. Prof. Cansu GÖRÜRGÖZ Member
3 Assoc. Prof. Gonca DESTE GÖKAY Member
4 Prof. Arzu YILMAZTEPE ORAL Substitute Member


          Duties of Horizontal Transfer, Exemption, and Adjustment Board

  1. It examines applicants' application documents according to the criteria defined in the "Regulation on the Principles of Transfer between Associate Degree and Undergraduate Degree Programs in Higher Education Institutions, Double Major, Minor, and Inter-Institutional Credit Transfer" and establishes the applicable principles.
  2. Examines the education program applied in the faculty where the applicants are currently registered.
  3. Evaluates the equivalence of the education level of students that have reached in the faculty they are currently enrolled in with the level of the current education program of our faculty.
  4. Arranges the class adjustments and course exemptions of inter-institutional and intra-institutional transfer / double major students and submits them to the relevant units.
  5. It determines the equivalents of the equivalent courses in the other higher education institution in our faculty. It makes the grade conversions of the courses of those whose adjustments are deemed appropriate.
  6. Examines the files related to the adjustments of students who have made horizontal and vertical transfers and presents the results to the relevant units.
  7. Determines the adaptation criteria of the students coming with the amnesty in line with the senate decisions and presents the results to the relevant units.

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