Education Commission
No Name-Surname Duty
1 Assist Prof. Gül DİNÇ ATA Vice-Dean of Education Head
2 Prof. Halil SAGLAM Educational Coordinator Member
3 Prof. Dr. Arzu YILMAZTEPE ORAL Head of the Section of Basic Medical Sciences
Coordinator of Term 1
4 Prof. Dr. A. Alper PAMPU Head of the Section of Clinical Sciences
Coordinator of Term IV
5 Prof. Züleyha ALPER Instructor of Department of Medical Education in Faculty of Medicine Member
6 Assoc. Prof. Aysun AKPINAR Coordinator of Term V Member
7 Assoc. Prof. Ezgi DOĞANAY YILDIZ Coordinator of Optional Courses Member
8 Assoc. Prof. Gülçin TEZCAN Coordinator of Term II Member
11 Assist Prof. Cansu GÖRÜRGÖZ Coordinator of Term III Member
12 Türkan PEKACAR Representative Students-Term I Member
13 Hüseyin SUCU Representative Students-Term II Member
14 Melina Zilan BARAN Representative Students-Term III Member


Education Commission

It consists of the Vise-Dean, Heads of the Sections of Basic Medical Sciences and Clinical Sciences, Coordinators of terms and optional courses, and a faculty member representing the Medical Education Department of the Faculty of Medicine. All members are appointed by the Dean's Office. Education Commission meets at least once a month under the chairmanship of the Dean or Vice-Dean upon the call of the Dean's Office. Term student representatives also attend the Education Commission meetings. An employee of the unit's student affairs office is assigned as a secretary.


The duties and responsibilities of the Education Commission are as follows:

  1. Coordinates the necessary studies on all kinds of issues related to dentistry education carried out in the faculty,
  2. Evaluates the undergraduate dentistry education and training programs prepared by the Program Evaluation and Development Board and ensures their implementation; discusses the feedback received from this board and reports the suggestions to the Dean's Office as a report,
  3. Evaluates the criteria determined in the regulation for the admission of students with lateral transfer and makes a recommendation to the Faculty Executive Board by making adjustment studies,
  4. Plans the adaptation studies of the students who return to the faculty within the scope of amnesty,
  5. Coordinates the semester syllabus, lesson plans, and academic calendar studies and sends them to the Dean's Office by the end of April,
  6. Fulfills other educational duties assigned by the Dean's Office.


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