Department of Prosthetic Dentistry
         Gonca DESTE GOKAY, Dt, Head                                           Yeliz HAYRAN, Dt, Phd.                                              Seda ÜSTÜN ALADAĞ, Dt.
    Associated Professor of Prosthetic Dentistry                 Associated Professor of Prosthetic Dentistry                        Lecturer of Prosthetic Dentistry           



The term prosthesis is defined as an artificial part that replaces a lost organ and can partially fulfill the functions of this lost organ. In dentistry, the term prosthesis refers to the artificial replacement of one or more teeth and related structures. Depending on the surrounding tissues' number, location, and condition, the treatment can be done with fixed restorations, partial removable dentures, and complete dentures. Department of Prosthodontics is a field of dentistry focused on diagnosing missing teeth, treatment planning, rehabilitation and restoration of adjacent oral and maxillofacial tissues, and maintaining intraoral functions such as chewing and phonation and aesthetics, and regulation of occlusal relation between teeth. The prosthesis aims to restore the lost functions of the patient while recovering the deteriorated speech and aesthetic appearance, which leads to eliminating functional disorders and increasing the quality of people's lives. 

Three primary treatment options among the treatments applied in our department:

Fixed Prostheses (Crown-bridge)

Removable Prostheses (Full or partial dentures)

Implant prostheses (Fixed or removable)

In addition, occlusal splints used in temporomandibular joint disorders and maxillofacial prostheses are made.


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